Submit a complaint to the Passport Program

Please note that this webform is for passport related complaints only. If your complaint pertains to a refugee travel document or a certificate of identity service, please choose the correct option on the Contact the Passport Program - main page.

Complaints include any expression of dissatisfaction with the Passport Program’s procedures, the fee it charges, the behavior of its employees or officers, or the quality of its service.

Complaints that contain vulgar or inappropriate language will not be processed.

Complaint resolution process

The Passport Program takes all complaints very seriously and ensures that they are processed efficiently and professionally.

The Passport Program’s complaint resolution process consists of a two-level approach:

  • Level 1—You may submit a complaint by using the complaint form. The processing time for complaint resolution at this level is 12 working days.
  • Level 2—If you are not satisfied with the results received at level 1, you may resubmit your complaint using the same complaint form. The processing time for complaints at this higher level is 17 working days.

Processing times for levels 1 and 2 can usually be met. However, complex cases that require additional consultations may take longer.

How to file a complaint

To file a complaint, you must complete the online form below. An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to you by email within two working days of your complaint being received.

You may also send your complaint form by fax to 819-654-8817 or by mail to:

The Passport Program
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0G3

Personal information collection

The personal information you provide on this form is protected under the provisions of the Privacy Act. Please note that your name and the details of your complaint will be shared with Passport Canada staff members to allow them to respond to the complaint.

Passport Canada cannot process a complaint that is submitted by a third party since the information contained in passport records is protected under the Privacy Act (Personal Information Bank No. PPTC PPD 102), and may not be disclosed without the consent of the individual concerned.

Personal information collection
Personal information

The Passport Program is committed to resolving complaints, the majority of which are done by phone. Therefore, please provide a phone number where you can be reached during the day.

If the complaint concerns a child

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